About Us

What is Ivana Skin?

Ivana Skin is all about comfort, radiance and confidence. Ivana curated this line of products with one goal in mind - to make everyone feel confident and beautiful inside and outside.

Two years in the making, IVANA has tried a lot of skincare products and she found out that there were certain ingredients that she found and her favorite ones. So she worked on formulating her own and sourcing the most premium ingredients that matched her standard and she wanted to give it to everyone at an affordable price.

"I want to see empowered women feeling confident… loving themselves, loving their skin…"


“The reason I came up with this skincare is because growing up, I used to be so insecure about my own skin. As soon as I learned how to take care of myself, I started getting confident, I started wearing two piece and was unafraid to be me. It was such a struggle to find beauty products that consistently worked and that showed visible results. I tried everything from drugstore brands, to Korean brands to luxury high end brands and everything in between. My standards are really high so I actually ended up creating my own line and bringing in experts from different fields to help me bring my vision to life and bring this to all of you. I want to see empowered women feeling confident… loving themselves, loving their skin…You’ll be surprised at what a woman who has fully embraced herself can accomplish!”

Carefully Curated Skincare

Each product was carefully formulated to address different skin problems. From dull skin to unhealthy skin — Ivana is created to positively influence the health of your skin everyday! This is not your ordinary whitening piece or your simple rejuvenating kit. We go beyond standards we deliver results. 

We are confident that this will be your go-to beauty grail because it works.

The best part?
You get luxury beauty without breaking the bank. It took IVANA a really long time to find her holy grail of beauty products trying everything from the high-end designer lines to everything in between, her struggle and frustration is what led her to starting this brand.

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Premium Ingredients

Our products are carefully formulated. We go beyond standards, we deliver results. 

Cruelty Free

We make sure that our products are not tested on animals. All of our products are cruelty free.

Locally Made

Ivana Skin is proudly made in the Philippines.